This life is not about finding someone who will want you, it’s about finding a God who desires you above all else.

It’s so easy to admire a candle when we have never seen the sun, so it is when it comes to longing another person more than we long for Christ.

The love we find in others is simply the shadow of the love we find in Christ, because when we shift our goals and hopes to Christ; we bring more value and meaning to those around us.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

Tales of the dawn (1/08/2014)

💃💃💃😩🙌 The excitement with which I write this eh! If it wasn’t 1am, I’d dance to the glory of my King! So here I am on twitter blabbing about how it’s a new month and then I tweet that I want a pinky promise bracelet and one of heather love Lindsey’s books; dusty crowns or pink lips and empty hearts for my birthday (which is on the 18th) .. I was just tweeting my heart’s desire with no intentions to have them
met! Then from no where, a lady messages me… She is asking for my address! She wants to buy and send me any of the things I listed above, no no you don’t get it, these are things I’ve wanted for over a year! (Minus the dusty crowns, it just came out) This is a lady who doesn’t know me from anywhere and I mean I anywhere! Only my friends can understand what this means to me! I asked for blessings and favour for my birthday month and it got answered! Like???? I know I serve a God who fulfils His promises but this quick?? I mean It’s only the 1st! I am super excited for this month now because this can only be the beginning! When you submit to Him, He meets your needs :)

This morning I was doing my morning tumblr reads and came across a question.. It hit me so hard today and as I write now I don’t even know why.. It said ‘if you could be anyone, would you choose yourself?’ Like wow! Just wow! So I asked myself would I?? Before I tell you what answer I gave, I realised that this question reveals the dept to how much you love yourself and appreciate God’s effort in making you, your uniqueness and all..
Well my answer was no! ( I know how sad) no I won’t choose myself. I won’t even lie about it. Choose myself paa hahaha all these amazing people in this world and I’d choose myself? Ah! What aaa is there to love that isn’t better in someone else? As I said that, within myself I heard rather what’s NOT to love in you..
I felt so guilty, God has made a unique you! For your sake He sent His only son to come and die so that you might live.. From Gods point of view what’s not to love? And God’s point of view is the most accurate ever! I realise now that everytime I thought I loved myself, I measured with worldly standards so when God sent me that question, He wanted me to renew my mind on that subject! I have made a decision today to be so full in Christ, I see what God sees concerning me, for i feel it’s only then that I can boldly say Yes! I would choose myself over and over again when re asked that question..
Now ask yourself.. If you could be anyone ( all 7 billion of the people on earth), would you choose yourself? And be honest about it! If your answer was like mine, we have work to do
- Jewie Djin



Wait on Me my princess, my timing is always perfect.
I know you’re anxious about many things, and I see your passion for all the plans I have put in your heart.
I know that you long to fly, and I see your enthusiasm.
However, just as a vinedresser nurtures the vine and waits patiently for the…