Ephesians 2:10

 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.  (KJV)

 10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (NIV)

 So today after my pastor shared what he had to share, actually no right in the middle of sharing, all I could say was Jewie how dare you? And I’m going to tell you why. So we read the passage given to you above and I chose to give the two versions so you get the meaning of the verse properly. God says we are His workmanship, His handiwork created to do good works. We are God’s masterpiece. I know we haven’t thought about it in the way I’m about to, but you would also ask yourself at the end…. How dare me?

 Let me show you a scenario my pastor gave me.  Do you know how long it takes for a car to be built? Do you know the attention and detailing given to the car? Do you know how many hours and days and months put into making it? The company, lets say Benz knows it has a reputation to keep up. So they spend a long time on a car to make sure it’s up to standard. They test it, correct the mistakes and everything before they release it to the public. They even add a warranty. Stating that you should trust in them that for the stated number of years, the car shouldn’t fail you. They know the car carries their label so they make sure they do it and do it well. Same goes for an art piece. The artist takes months studying it, changing stuff, erasing here, breaking off parts, and adding stuff. Generally, making sure that its perfect and ready for public viewing.

 Lol these are mere men. If this is how much time, energy and thought they put into their handiworks, how much more the Father Almighty? He that knows the real definition of what is good. What He calls beautiful is indeed beautiful. How much more Him? God took His precious time with you, made you in His image and put every single detail on you. God is known for making the best things in life. So how on earth would He make a mistake or go wrong with you? Why would God send His beloved first born to die for a mistake or a nobody? God says in Ephesians that we are his workmanship created in Christ for GOOD WORKS. Aye God created us and is even boasting about us on there.

 SO HOW DARE WE!!!!!!! How dare we tell the King that we don’t like a body part? Or that we don’t like the way He made us in a certain way or made us act a certain way. How dare we judge the work of the Almighty? How dare we wish to be someone else? How dare we wish to have been born in different circumstances? How dare we wonder what we would amount to? How dare we call ourselves useless and purposeless? How dare wish we could correct something about ourselves? I mean HOW DARE WE!! As I sat there, I was so ashamed I didn’t know what to do. I have questioned a lot of things about myself, why does my voice sound so manly, why do my toes look the way they do, why did the chicken pox leave a scar on my face, my do my nails grow the way they do, why is my waist the way it is, why do my arms look the way they do, why is my nose that size, if I could change something about myself I’d change this and that and that. HOW DARE ME!! Criticize and want to correct the work of the Most High. You think God dozed off when He made you? You think He was doing try and error? Let me remind you, this is a God who makes no mistakes, He doesn’t slumber or sleep, and He doesn’t create useless and fruitless things. This is a God who is matchless, nothing compares to Him. This is the same God who created YOU! How could He have gotten it wrong? It is IMPOSSIBLE.

 God has a purpose for you and I. He didn’t just create you out of boredom and send you to earth to be a tourist and come and see things and live anyhow and return to Him. God release you from Heaven to come and fulfill a specific purpose. He took His sweet time and made you exactly how you are.. Height, weight, complexion, tribe, family, country, ability, skills and everything to accomplish a purpose, an assignment. The devil enjoys that we haven’t realized that we are unique and equipped beyond measure to accomplish what God has asked of us. he enjoys that we have been blinded to see who we really are. When we find that who we are in Christ, he knows he’s lost his hold over our future and us. But for now he pushes us to wish to be something or someone else, wish to have a different environment, different skin color, and different body type. That way we will never build up the confidence, arise and get our mission accomplished. God said in Isaiah 55: 10- 11 that nothing He releases from heaven unto earth shall return to Him void, be it rain or snow or His word OR US. Yes we were also released from heaven so we shall not return to Him void but we shall accomplish whatever it is He sent us to do and accomplish it in excellence. If and ONLY IF we stop wishing to be others and find out who we are and accept that we are God’s chosen, God’s workmanship on display. We were sent to accomplish something not just decorate the earth. We were sent to show off His glory so how dare we say we are not good enough. We were fearfully, carefully, wonderfully made by the almighty. Every curve and line, every hair and nail was uniquely designed for a reason so the next time you think of bashing yourself, remember that you are bashing the Great I AM’s masterpiece.  If you were up for sale in this world with God’s price tag, the richest people on earth’s wealth combined cannot even come close to pay for even a strand on your head so how dare you cheapen yourself and judge yourself?

You are God’s masterpiece I repeat. seek to find who you are, spend time praying about it and reading about who God says you are, don’t let the world’s definitions be your definition for yourself. He created you so He’s the only one who can label you. Seek to know God’s label. Find out who you are in Him and why He sent you and brace yourself for the amazing things He has in store for you and for the amazing things you have in store for the world. God bless you 



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